Saturday, 15 September 2012


If Goatwhore sounded like sprinting through a sewer, Electric Wizard are the aural equivalent of wading incredibly slowly through a never ending torrent of neck-high bodily waste. Dorset doom metal masters Electric Wizard have a number of great albums, and 2000's Dopethrone is one of the best. Funeralopolis is a great example of the band's sound - a groovy riff played at super slow speed with crushing levels of feedback and bass over the top, and barely-discernible vocals drifting somewhere in the background. It doesn't get much heavier than this, ladies and gentlemen.

Electric Wizard are headlining Damnation Festival in Leeds on November 3rd, and with a number of other great bands on the bill, it is well worth going. Take a look, embrace the bass and enjoy the song!

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